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Sunday, January 29, 2023

DEA agent killed in shooting on Amtrak train in Arizona

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Officer killed in Arizona Amtrak shooting

Officer killed in Arizona Amtrak shooting 01:23

One federal agent was killed and another is in critical condition following a shooting on an Amtrak train in Tucson, Arizona. The shooting broke out as the agents were searching for guns and drugs.

Officials said the violence started as a confrontation on the train between two DEA agents and a suspect.

“They were checking for illegal guns, money, drugs, this is something they do, as I said, routinely,” Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus said.

But this time, it turned deadly. 

When the first barrage of shots were fired, onlookers didn’t know what was happening until they saw a K-9 officer run toward the gunman. Then someone yelled, “Get out of there! Get out of there!” before more gunfire began. 

The officer backed off the train and ran for his life as the gunman fired at him. The shootout continued, with bullets ricocheting around Tucson’s downtown train depot.

The train, which runs between Los Angeles and New Orleans, was carrying 137 passengers and 11 crew members, and arrived in Tucson around 8 a.m. There were no injuries to any crew members or passengers, an Amtrak spokesperson said. 

Special Agent in Charge Sherry Oz said that in addition to the agent that died and the agent in critical condition, a task force officer is also in stable condition. 

The suspected shooter was found dead on the train and a second suspect was taken into custody, Magnus said. He said he did not know if the suspected shooter was killed by law enforcement or if he took his own life.

The FBI is “processing the scene with assistance from ATF and Tucson PD,” the bureau said in a statement. The investigation is ongoing.

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