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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Distillation method strengthens quantum entanglement in a single pair of photons – Physics World

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Sebastian Ecker and Martin Bohmann leaning over an optical bench bathed in purple-blue lightDrop by drop Entanglement distillation is akin to reducing a dilute solution into a concentrated one, only instead of using heat and time, the procedures rely on complex quantum circuitry. (Courtesy: Sebastian Ecker)”>Cartoon showing a distillation flask partly full of weakly entangled particles with a

New quantum entanglement verification method cuts through the noise

The researchers also verified that their distillation process is robust by intentionally inserting noise into the environment. Because that noise is very carefully controlled, they can quantify how well their new procedure works in noisy environments, showing that their method for entanglement distillation is faster than traditional two-pair methods by a factor of 100 million. “In our experience, these degrees of freedom are robust enough to revive entanglement after passing through long optical fibres or free-space links,” Ecker says.

A perfectly entangled world

Because polarization and energy-time are both frequently used in other aspects of quantum communication, the researchers are confident that their scheme will soon find many other applications. After considering how this method might improve on previously extracted quantum keys. their sights are now set even higher. “Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use the high dimensional entanglement to make your qubit entanglement noiseless? This would be really cool,” Ecker says.

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