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Here’s What We Know About The Mummies (& Potential Queen) Found At Saqqara

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Nothing about Ancient Egypt holds as much curiosity as the unusual lengths the Egyptians went to in order to preserve their dead. Any reputable archaeological museum must have mummies. Without a second thought, Egypt is home to the best, and Cairo’s National Museum contains numerous galleries of them. Mummies can be found in abundance throughout the nation at small regional museums. A tour of Egypt’s stunning museums is a must-do experience while on one of the Egypt tours because they are unique and different from museums in any other nation.

Since ancient times, the fascinating history of Egypt has attracted tourists to the legendary country, and the world-famous museums are constantly expanding their collections. Another enormous find of rare objects from the Saqqara Necropolis, a rich site close to Cairo that probably still conceals many secrets, has been made public by Egyptian researchers. Numerous recently unearthed, exquisitely decorated sarcophagi with their owners still sealed inside were discovered along with numerous bronze statues. Here is what tourists shall know about it!

An Overview Of Egyptian Mummies

The Egyptian mummies gallery gives visitors a look at how the ancient Egyptians honored and buried their dead, particularly pharaohs and other dignitaries. Numerous sculptures of notable kings from Ancient Egypt, including the ruthless Ramses II, flank the lofty main gallery. Osiris, the god of the afterlife; Sekhmet, the goddess of battle and plague; and Neith, the goddess of war and guardian of the dead’s internal organs, are among the other gods and goddesses shown in other statues and sculptures. It is still possible to find large stone coffins with etched charms protecting the deceased in the other life. The afterlife and the science of funeral ceremonies in Ancient Egypt are vividly shown through mummies, their coffins, and tomb artifacts. Egyptian attitudes toward pets and animals in death are further highlighted by a mummified cat, ibis, crocodile, and falcon.

What Did Explorers Find At The End Of May 2022 In Saqqara?

Egyptian archaeologists found numerous exquisitely adorned sarcophagi that were still sealed and contained the mummified remains of their owners, as well as several bronze sculptures. There are still many years of work to be done at the site, as evidenced by the grand revelation in May when relics were lined up in front of the majestic Saqqara’s Step Pyramid of Djoser for journalists to enjoy.

According to the secretary-general of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mostafa Waziri, the most recent findings, which include roughly 250 still-sealed sarcophagi, come from the “Cemetery of Sacred Animals” at Saqqara. At the cemetery, mummies in good condition have been found inside more than 450 ornate, sealed coffins that date back roughly 2,500 years.

The name “Bubasteion” for the Saqqara burial site was derived from the name of the cat-headed deity Bast of Ancient Egypt. When they were first found there, several of the sculptures showed the goddess. Moreover, the mission’s director, Dr. Mohamed Al Saidi, added that the location was renamed the Cemetery of Sacred Animals in 2019 when researchers found further mummified animals and sculptures of other Egyptian deities there.

About 150 bronze sculptures of Egyptian gods of various sizes, including those depicting the gods’ Isis, Anubis, Nefertem, Osiris, and Hathor, were among the items on show in May. This discovery confirms that the temple was not only for cats but for other Egyptian deities as well. The objects that were retrieved from one of the cemetery’s excavation holes include two exquisite wooden sculptures with gilded faces of the goddesses Isis and Neftis, who were dubbed the defenders of the coffin.

They were placed in a posture termed the mourners or weepers for the deceased, one of them by the feet of the coffin and the other by the head. The papyrus roll, which the scientists think may be 10 yards (9.14 meters) long and include chapters of the “Book of the Dead.” It was found inside the same coffin and has been submitted to a lab at the Egyptian Museum for additional analysis. Al Saidi declared that since the excavations have just been done on the first 100 yards (91.44 meters) of the almost 440-yard-long (402.33-meter-long) project, there are probably still many more riches to be discovered.

Significant Discoveries Across Egypt In Recent Years

In the environs of Alexandria in northern Egypt, researchers discovered 16 human burial chambers in February 2021 at the site of an old temple. According to authorities from the Egyptian Antiquities Ministry, two of the mummies possessed golden tongues that would have allowed them to talk in the hereafter. In the same month, the southern city of Sohag saw the discovery of a sizable, 5,000-year-old brewery that is thought to be the world’s oldest. Researchers theorized that the beer was consumed at the funeral rites of ancient Egyptian monarchs. The discovery of a 3,000-year-old hidden golden city in the southern city of Luxor by archaeologists in April of last year was heralded as possibly the greatest since the discovery of the tomb of the young king Tutankhamun.

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