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Luxor Temple: How To Visit This Ancient Site On The Nile

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Visiting Egypt’s most coveted temples is one of the biggest reasons most people plan a trip, and Luxor Temple can be reached any of these ways.

A trip to Luxor, even if you are not an archaeologist, can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Luxor is said to be the most extraordinary open-air museum and consists of one-third of the monuments in the world. It was a city that was holy and the capital of ancient Egypt for a long time. Many of its citizens worshipped the Gods of Ancient Egypt here, and the site is home to the crowning and burial of several Egyptian Pharaohs. Luxor happens to be the second most visited destination because of its well-preserved attractions and the relaxing view of the Nile River.

With several sights to explore and numerous activities to participate in, we’ve created the perfect Travel Guide for your trip to Luxor, complete with transportation tips, popular attractions, tours, and the best ways to enjoy Luxor, even on a budget.

Transportation Options

Luxor is in the upper south side of Egypt. It’s 416 miles south of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and 138 miles north of Aswan. Aswan was the last Egyptian governorate of the southern borders. Luxor is also 174 miles from Hurghada city to the west of the Red Sea Coast. Thus, there are several means available for traveling from Alexandria, Aswan, Cairo, or Hurghada.


If you’re coming from the west, the fastest and most authentic way of crossing the Nile River is by motor launch or ferry. Until lately, there were two ferry services: the tourist ferry (already superseded by a road bridge) and the ferry of the locals (Baladi ferry). There isn’t any set time for a ferry to depart. Typically, ferries leave when filled up or after a significant amount of time has passed between rides.

  • The ferry costs around 32 cents for foreigners and about 6 cents for locals. It leaves the dock near Luxor Manor.
  • A motor launch does not have a set dock. They depart wherever they’re able to pick up an agreeable customer. A launch can get going right away, and this is its advantage.


The second and the most common way of traveling from Aswan, Alexandria, or Cairo is by train. The Egyptian Railways provides a variety of train services for traveling to Luxor. A most comfortable and expensive means for traveling to Luxor on a train is the Sleeping Train operated through the “Watania Sleeping Trains.” The next best service offered by the Egyptian Railways is the VIP Trains.

  • The first-class VIP train ticket costs $22.60 from Alexandria to Luxor, while economy class is $15.60 and takes about 12 to 13 hours of travel time.
  • Trains from Aswan to Luxor take about 3 ½ hours with two principal train services available. For first-class, the VIP train costs around $7.64, while for economy class, it is $5.67. The Spanish train costs $4.65 for first-class and $3.69 for economy class.


The Luxor International Airport is average for Egypt, and it’s also an international airport. It has about four domestic flights, while there are 14 airports worldwide with direct flights to Luxor, which span 14 cities in 8 different countries.

Luxor is mainly recognized for its sightseeing and nature as well as culture.

Car Or Taxi

Taking a taxi is just a reasonable option. It is easy to find a taxi the moment you arrive. However, it’s best to arrange for a pickup ahead of time from your hotel. You can also rent out a car if you like. Whether it’s a car for a special occasion or a vacation, you are sure to find one out there.

Anticipate paying around $3.18 or $6.37 for a taxi, with costs depends on your bargaining skills for the 13-mile ride.


Visitors who opt to travel to Luxor are rising. The city is known as home to the Valley of Kings. Situated in the south of Egypt on the east side of the Nile River is the ancient city of Thebes, Egypt’s capital, at the height of the power of the pharaohs. Aside from the tombs of the old Valley of the Kings, Luxor provides various other monuments to explore from ancient Egypt, including the remains of 2 vast temple complexes.

  • A citizen of the Gulf Cooperation Council country is exempted from getting a visa to Luxor. All the rest of the foreign nationalities will be required to obtain a travel e-Visa for entering Egypt and traveling in the city.
  • A passport holder will be able to get an Egypt e-Visa for traveling to Luxor for tourism purposes via the easy online application form that takes only a few minutes to complete.
  • This online tourist visa is available as a single-entry visa that allows for a 30-consecutive-day stay, if not as a multiple-entry visa allowing for one to stay for 30 days across the 180-day validity period.
  • It’s also possible to get the e-Visa upon arrival for tourism when getting into the international airport.
  • The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in Egypt temporarily cut down the cost of the entrance visa from $25 to $15 upon arrival at Aswan and Luxor.

The wealth and power of Thebes, famous for its antiquity, started to attract travelers of the Western World from the conclusion of the 18th century. Today’s travelers may be alone at the sites, depending on the political scenario, or accompanied by many tourists from all over the world. Whatever the case, a little planning will help you obtain the best of the magic of Thebes.

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