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T1 Faker: “I’m looking forward to Iceland's natural view.”

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Faker is aiming for his 4th world championship. On Sept. 26, the LCK teams qualified for the 2021 LoL World Championship headed to Iceland on a private jet. On his way, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok spoke about heading to Worlds again.

As the most decorated player in League of Legends history, Faker has collected three World Championships since his debut in 2013. His worst finish at Worlds was the semifinals in 2019. Even though he has so much international experience, Faker was excited about going abroad. “It’s been a long time since I got on a plane,” said Faker. “It takes a while to get to Iceland, but I’m thankful Riot prepared us a private jet, we’ll be able to go comfortably.”

Although it’s been two years since his last international appearance, Faker didn’t forget the skills of the trade. “I won’t be sleeping as much during my flight to adapt to the time difference,” he said. “I’ll be reading my book to spend time.”

Faker has been to many international tournaments, but it’s his first time heading to northern Europe. When asked about going to Iceland, he answered, “I’m looking forward to seeing Iceland’s natural view. It’s my first time going to northern Europe, and I’m curious about how it’ll be different from the countries I’ve been to.”

T1 and Faker are the most popular figures in the scene, and every single movement they make draws a lot of attention from the fans. About what his solo queue IGN in the Europe server will be, Faker answered, “I usually decide my IGN spontaneously, so I’ll probably think about it when I get there.” He also shared his thoughts on T1’s new jersey. “The new jersey is quite alright — there have been so many jerseys up to now.”

One of the hottest matches for the Group Stage is T1 vs. EDward Gaming. Faker wasn’t too worried about the match. “Things will work out if we prepare as we did before,” he said. “I’ll keep an eye on the Play-in Stage and see what champions appear. When preparing for the match, I’ll be accepting strategies that go well with the meta.”

Lastly, Faker asked the fans for support. “I’ll do my best to get good results, so please cheer for me.”

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